Image of Megumi Nasu

Megumi Nasu

1978-07-27 Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Image of Megumi Nasu


Nasu Megumi was born July 27, 1978 in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. She is a voice actress currently affiliated with Bell Production and formerly with Production Baobab. Hiiragi Mikami is an alias used by Nasu Megumi for adult games and anime.


ふたつの胡桃 2007-08-15
Peach Girl: Super Pop Love Hurricane Sae Kashiwagi 2005-01-08
一撃殺虫!! ホイホイさん Dewa Kimiko 2004-09-30
天空断罪スケルターヘブン Rin Ichikawa (voice) 2004-12-08