Image of Joyce Gordon

Joyce Gordon

1934-08-28 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Image of Joyce Gordon



Jim Henson's Tales From Muppetland Fairy Godmother 2009-07-28
Crimes of Fashion Selma 2004-01-01
What Makes a Family Tanned Woman 2001-01-22
Tangled Kara 2001-11-02
Franklin's Magic Christmas Grandmother Turtle (voice) 2001-01-01
Deadly Appearances Marlene Morris 2000-04-23
Billy Madison Lunch Lady 1995-02-10
Stay Tuned Sarah Seidenbaum 1992-08-14
Love & Murder Mrs. Kelly 1990-01-19
Unnatural Causes Myra (uncredited) 1986-11-10
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank Data Supervisor 1984-09-22
Police Academy Mrs. Thompson 1984-03-22
Improper Channels Dr. Peacock 1981-04-17
Summer's Children Alice 1979-09-07
Hey, Cinderella! Fairy Godmother 1969-03-16