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Fred Wood

1922-10-26 Rotherhithe, London, England, UK

Image of Fred Wood


Fred Wood (born 26 October 1922, Rotherhithe, London), died January 2003, was an English actor. Wood was best known for roles in Star Wars (1977), Elephant Man (1980) and From Russia with Love (1963). Wood has appeared in a large number of American films, due to filming taking place partly or entirely in Britain. As a British-based actor and supporting artist, he worked extensively in British films since the late 1940s until 2001 and television since the 1950s. He appeared in a wide range of television shows including Dangerman, Gideon's Way, The Professionals, The Baron and Gone to Seed (1992). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Fifth Element Emissary (uncredited) 1997-05-02
Willow Druid 1988-05-20
Young Sherlock Holmes Patron (Lower Nile Tavern) (uncredited) 1985-12-04
Lassiter Fight Spectator (uncredited) 1984-02-17
Nineteen Eighty-Four Prol (uncredited) 1984-11-09
Gandhi Man in the Crowd (uncredited) 1982-12-01
The Elephant Man Injured Man (uncredited) 1980-10-09
The Man in the Iron Mask Prisoner 1977-07-17
Star Wars Cantina Patron (uncredited) 1977-05-25
Brief Encounter (Uncredited) 1974-11-12
Carry On Girls Audience Member (uncredited) 1973-11-09
The Offence Billy 1973-01-11
The Wicker Man Parishioner (Singing Hymn In Church) (uncredited) 1973-12-06
The Ruling Class Corpse (uncredited) 1972-09-13
The Pied Piper Burger (uncredited) 1972-12-27
Demons of the Mind Villager Carrying Torch (uncredited) 1972-11-05
Una lucertola con la pelle di donna Train passenger 1971-02-18
Anne of the Thousand Days Court Scribe (uncredited) 1969-12-18
Where Eagles Dare German Soldier in Bier Keller (uncredited) 1968-12-04
Theatre of Death Audience Member (Far Right) (uncredited) 1967-07-21
Robbery Hammer's Supporter (uncredited) 1967-08-01
Stranger in the House Protester Against Execution (uncredited) 1967-05-23
The Plague of the Zombies Lone Villager on steps 1966-01-09
Blow-Up Homeless Man (uncredited) 1966-12-18
Becket Congregation Member (uncredited) 1964-03-11
The Day of the Triffids Train Passenger (uncredited) 1963-04-24
The Man Who Finally Died Exhumation Worker (uncredited) 1963-12-01
From Russia with Love Gypsy (uncredited) 1963-10-10
H.M.S. Defiant French Sailor (uncredited) 1962-04-15
I Thank a Fool Marquee Observor (uncredited) 1962-09-14
A Kind of Loving Pub Patron (uncredited) 1962-04-12
Captain Clegg Parishioner (Uncredited) 1962-06-13
The Mouse That Roared Bird Seller (uncredited) 1959-07-17
Adam and Evelyne Race Spectator (uncredited) 1949-05-31
Hue and Cry Congregation Member (uncredited) 1947-02-01
The Master of Bankdam Striker in Crowd (uncredited) 1947-08-20
Fame Is the Spur Unimpressed Welsh Miner (uncredited) 1947-09-23