Image of George Wallace

George Wallace

1917-06-08 New York, New York City, USA

Image of George Wallace



Minority Report Chief Justice Pollard 2002-06-20
Nurse Betty Grandfather 2000-08-30
Deal of a Lifetime Coach Millhaven 2000-10-31
Bicentennial Man Male President 1999-12-17
Forces of Nature Max 1999-03-12
Multiplicity Man in Restaurant 1996-07-19
Schemes Sam 1994-07-07
Cosmic Slop 1994-01-01
My Girl 2 Gnarly Old Man 1994-02-11
Diggstown Bob Ferris 1992-08-14
Child of Rage Henry 1992-09-24
The Haunted John 1991-05-06
Defending Your Life Daniel's Judge 1991-03-22
Working Tra$h Big Dan 1990-11-26
Postcards from the Edge Carl 1990-09-14
People Like Us Max Luby 1990-05-13
The Final Days Archibald Cox 1989-10-29
Punchline Doctor Wishniak (as George D. Wallace) 1988-10-07
Native Son Judge 1986-12-24
Protocol T. V. Commentator 1984-12-21
The Stunt Man Father 1980-06-27
Colorado C.I. George Hopkins 1978-05-26
The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover Senator Joseph McCarthy 1977-12-01
Lifeguard Mr. Carlson 1976-07-23
Return to Earth 1976-05-14
The Towering Inferno Chief Officer 1974-12-14
The Swinging Cheerleaders Mr. Putnam 1974-09-25
The Six Million Dollar Man General 1973-03-07
Skin Game Auctioneer 1971-09-30
In Search of America Clarence 1971-03-23
Six Black Horses Will Boone 1962-04-24
Forbidden Planet Bosun 1956-03-23
Great Day in the Morning Jack Lawford (uncredited) 1956-05-16
Man Without a Star Tom Carter 1955-03-24
Drums Across the River Les Walker 1954-06-01
Destry Curly 1954-12-01
The French Line Cowboy (uncredited) 1954-02-08
Border River Fletcher 1954-01-01
The Human Jungle Detective O'Neill 1954-10-03
Pardon My Wrench Raymond 1953-03-13
Vigilante Terror Brewer 1953-11-15
Star of Texas Clampett 1953-01-11
The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd Buller 1953-09-17
Arena Buster Cole 1953-06-24
The Homesteaders Meade 1953-03-22
Kansas City Confidential 1952-11-11
Ghost Buster Bigelow 1952-03-07
Radar Men from the Moon Commando Cody 1952-01-09
Japanese War Bride Woody Blacker 1952-01-29
Man in the Saddle 1951-12-02
Submarine Command Chief Herb Bixby 1951-11-01