Image of Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower

1959-04-24 Dallas - Texas - USA

Image of Glenn Morshower


Glenn Morshower is an actor and producer.


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Grizzly Park Ranger Bob 2008-02-07
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Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil Admr. Henry D. Wheeler 2006-10-17
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My Little Assassin Agent Larrigoy 1999-10-11
Godzilla Kyle Terrington 1998-05-20
Phoenix Anti-Abortionist 1998-09-04
Air Force One Agent Walters 1997-07-25
Runaway Car Captain Jim Louben 1997-01-27
Death Benefit Tim O'Grady 1996-03-13
Dominion Lance 1995-04-25
Alien Nation: Body and Soul Lt. Smith 1995-10-10
Sketch Artist II: Hands That See Bill Loman 1995-01-28
Star Trek: Generations Navigator 1994-11-18
In the Army Now Recruiting Sergeant Richard Day 1994-08-12
12:01 Detective Cryers 1993-07-05
Ambush in Waco: In the Line of Duty Conway LeBleu 1993-05-23
Under Siege Ensign Taylor 1992-10-08
Shoot First: A Cop's Vengeance Prosecutor 1991-03-24
By Dawn's Early Light F-18 Pilot 1990-05-19
Tango & Cash Co-Worker 1989-12-22
84C MoPic Cracker 1989-03-22
Rock-A-Die Baby Private Opie Thompson 1989-07-30
Defense Play Bartender 1988-01-01
Skeezer Tom 1982-12-27
Dead & Buried Jimmy 1981-05-29
The Bermuda Triangle Gallivan 1979-01-24
Drive-In Orville Hennigson 1976-05-26
The Doo Dah Man Smitty