Image of John Welsh

John Welsh

1904-11-07 Wexford, Ireland

Image of John Welsh



Campus Man Professor Jarman 1987-04-10
Abducted Search Party 1986-05-12
Murder: By Reason of Insanity Salesman 1985-10-01
Krull Seer 1983-07-29
My Favorite Year Cubby Brown 1982-10-01
The Winter's Tale Archidamus 1981-02-08
From a Far Country Priest 1981-09-15
Timon of Athens Flavius 1981-04-16
Katie: The Year of a Child Committee chairman 1979-12-13
The Thirty Nine Steps Lord Belthane 1978-11-04
Maneaters Are Loose! George Leppard 1978-05-03
Rabbit Test Army Aide 1978-04-09
Last Wishes Dr. Welsh 1978-02-08
Do as I Say Pops 1977-01-25
Brassneck 1975-05-22
If There Weren't Any Blacks You'd Have to Invent Them 1974-03-03
Yellow Dog Bewsley 1973-08-11
Horatio Bottomley Mr. Justice Hawkins 1972-11-28
The Pied Piper Chancellor 1972-12-27
Cromwell Bishop Juxon 1970-09-16
The Man Who Haunted Himself Sir Charles Freeman 1970-09-17
Journey Into Darkness Bart Brereton 1968-01-01
Subterfuge Heiner 1968-12-12
Rasputin: The Mad Monk The Abbot 1966-03-06
Catch As Catch Can Paddy 1965-01-01
The Night Prowler Paddy 1965-01-01
The Mysterious Stranger Paddy 1965-01-01
All at Sea Paddy 1965-01-01
Highway Robbery Paddy 1965-01-01
Dead End Creek Paddy 1965-01-01
Pity About the Abbey Sir Robert Challoner 1965-07-29
Mystery at the Forge Paddy 1965-01-01
Nightmare Doctor 1964-02-28
Go to Blazes Chief Fire Officer 1962-04-18
The Quare Fellow Carroll 1962-10-02
Life for Ruth Marshall 1962-09-06
Johnny Nobody Judge 1961-10-01
Francis of Assisi Canon Cattanei 1961-07-12
The Mark 1st Plain Clothes Officer 1961-01-26
Snowball Ted Wylie 1960-01-01
The Trials of Oscar Wilde Cafe Royal Manager 1960-05-28
Beyond the Curtain Turner 1960-04-01
Circle of Deception Maj. Taylor 1960-11-01
The Night We Dropped a Clanger Squadron Leader Grant 1959-10-10
Room at the Top Mayor (uncredited) 1959-01-22
Operation Bullshine Brigadier 1959-06-30
The Rough and the Smooth Dr. Thompson 1959-10-02
She Didn't Say No! The School Inspector 1958-09-30
Nowhere to Go 1958-12-02
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk George Fraser (uncredited) 1958-01-21
Dunkirk Staff Colonel 1958-03-20
Next to No Time Steve, Bar Steward 1958-08-04
Behind the Mask Colonel Langley 1958-11-23
The Revenge of Frankenstein Bergman 1958-06-13
The Safecracker Inspector Owing 1958-03-05
The Birthday Present Chief Customs Officer 1957-10-31
Man in the Shadow Inspector Hunt 1957-09-01
The Surgeon's Knife Inspector Austen 1957-10-01
Brothers in Law Mr. Justice Fanshawe 1957-03-04
The Long Haul Doctor 1957-08-27
The Secret Place Mr. Christian (uncredited) 1957-02-06
The Counterfeit Plan Police Inspector Grant 1957-01-01
Lucky Jim The Principal (as John Welch) 1957-09-17
The Long Arm House Agent at Shepperton 1956-06-01
The Man in the Road George White - the Gamekeeper 1956-03-01
Lost Police Scientist (Uncredited) 1956-01-31
The Man Who Never Was Bank Manager 1956-04-03
Contraband Spain Senior Customs Officer (uncredited) 1955-03-15
The Dark Avenger Gurd 1955-04-15
Confession Father Neil 1955-06-01
The Divided Heart Chief Marshall 1954-11-09
An Inspector Calls Shop Walker - Mr. Timmon 1954-03-16
Isn't Life Wonderful! Uncle James 1954-11-10
The Clue of the Missing Ape Army Intelligence Officer 1953-11-01