Image of Bernard Archard

Bernard Archard

1922-08-20 Fulham, London, England, UK

Image of Bernard Archard



Hidden Agenda Sir Robert Neil 1990-11-21
God's Outlaw 1986-01-01
King Solomon's Mines Prof. Huston (uncredited) 1985-11-22
Al-mas' Ala Al-Kubra 1983-01-02
Separate Tables Mr. Fowler 1983-01-01
Krull Eirig 1983-07-29
Inside the Third Reich Dr. Hans Flachsner 1982-05-09
The Sea Wolves Underhill 1980-07-03
'Tis Pity She's a Whore Donado 1980-05-07
A Tale of Two Cities Tribunal President 1980-12-02
Battle for Dien Bien Phu 1979-01-01
Philby, Burgess and Maclean Graves 1977-05-31
Smuga cienia Capt. Elis 1976-09-06
Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars Marcus Scarman 1975-11-15
Leeds United! Managing Director, Blacks 1974-10-31
The Day of the Jackal Detective Hughes 1973-05-15
Macbeth Angus 1971-12-20
Dad's Army Maj. Gen. Fullard 1971-03-12
The Horror of Frankenstein Prof. Heiss 1970-11-08
Fragment of Fear Priest 1970-09-03
Song of Norway George Nordraak 1970-11-04
Run a Crooked Mile Business Spokesman 1969-11-18
Play Dirty Col. Homerton 1969-01-02
Tower of London: The Innocent Earl of Oxford 1969-07-31
The File of the Golden Goose Collins 1969-10-13
Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks Head of Security Bragen 1966-11-05
The Last Hope Bu Kader 1966-01-01
Face of a Stranger 1964-09-01
The Silent Playground Insp. Duffy 1963-12-31
The List of Adrian Messenger Pike 1963-05-23
Flat Two 1962-02-01
The Password Is Courage 1st Prisoner of War 1962-06-01
Two Letter Alibi Duke 1962-01-01
The Clue of the New Pin 1961-02-01
Man Detained 1961-10-01
Village of the Damned Vicar 1960-06-16
The Secret Man Inspector 1958-12-01
Corridors of Blood Hospital Official 1958-12-01