Image of Tony Caunter

Tony Caunter

1937-09-22 Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK

Image of Tony Caunter



Doggin' Around Sergeant Greene 1994-10-16
Magic Moments Television Director 1989-03-19
Tumbledown Air Commodore 1988-05-29
Silas Marner Mr. Snell 1985-12-30
Doctor Who: Enlightenment Jackson 1983-03-09
The Scarlet Pimpernel Pochard 1982-11-09
The Cause Dolly 1981-02-03
P.Q. 17 Coxswain 1981-12-15
S.O.S. Titanic Chief Officer Henry Wilde 1980-02-29
Dark Water Manager 1980-01-01
Waterloo Sunset Thomas Dwyer 1979-01-23
Dinner at The Sporting Club Ray Little 1978-11-07
The Vanishing Army Pinnock 1978-11-29
The Operation Alderman 1973-02-26
The Asphyx Warden 1973-02-01
Speech Day Douglas 1973-03-26
Stocker's Copper Vincent 1972-01-20
Doctor Who: Colony in Space Morgan 1971-05-15
The Mind of Mr. Soames Schoolteacher 1970-07-01
The Adding Machine Third cell jailer 1969-09-23
A Twist of Sand Elton 1968-11-01
The Hill Martin 1965-06-17
Doctor Who: The Crusade Thatcher 1965-04-17
A Tap on the Shoulder Security guard 1965-01-06
The Ipcress File O.N.I Man 1965-03-18