Image of Louisa Krause

Louisa Krause

1986-05-20 Falls Church, Virginia, USA

Image of Louisa Krause


Louisa Krause is an actress.


Tender 2023-01-21
The Dive May 2023-08-24
Maggie Moore(s) Maggie Moore 2023-06-16
Here Today Carrie 2021-05-07
Cryptozoo Amber (voice) 2021-08-20
Skin April 2019-07-26
Port Authority Sara 2019-09-25
Dark Waters Carla Pfeiffer 2019-11-22
New Money Debbie Tisdale 2018-04-27
The Super Beverly 2018-11-08
Woman Walks Ahead Loretta 2017-09-10
Donald Cried Kristin 2017-03-03
Dog Eat Dog Zoe 2016-11-04
My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea Gretchen (voice) 2016-09-11
We've Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew The Woman 2016-08-28
The Phenom Candace Cassidy 2016-06-24
The Great & The Small Nessa 2016-03-31
The Abandoned Streak 2015-06-13
Bare Lucille Jacobs 2015-10-30
Jane Wants a Boyfriend Jane 2015-11-11
Ava's Possessions Ava 2015-03-16
Gabriel Sarah 2014-04-17
The Heart Machine Jessica 2014-10-24
Bluebird Marla 2014-02-27
The Mend Elinor 2014-03-09
Tzniut Rivka 2014-10-09
Baroness Narrator 2013-11-01
Hollow Zana 2013-05-29
Double or Nothing Becca 2012-10-13
King Kelly Kelly 2012-11-11
Return Shannon 2011-02-10
Martha Marcy May Marlene Zoe 2011-10-21
Young Adult Front Desk Girl 2011-11-11
Toe to Toe Jesse 2009-01-16
The Babysitters Brenda Woodberg 2008-05-09
Communion Dolly 2008-08-09
The Speed of Life Jule 2007-08-30
In Every Dream Home
Silk Emily