Image of Arthur Mullard

Arthur Mullard

1910-09-19 Islington, London, England, UK

Image of Arthur Mullard



Adventures of a Plumber's Mate Blackie 1978-07-01
Car Booty – Gnomes Gnome 1 1975-01-02
Three for All Ben 1975-05-01
The Vault of Horror Gravedigger (segment 4 "Bargain in Death") 1973-03-16
Holiday on the Buses Wally Briggs 1973-05-19
Crooks and Coronets Perce 1969-04-02
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Cyril, Big Man 1968-12-17
The Cuckoo Patrol Yossie 1967-07-16
Smashing Time Cafe Boss 1967-12-20
The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery Big Jim 1966-03-11
Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment Wally 1966-04-03
Father Came Too! Traffic Warden 1964-02-11
Ladies Who Do Mr. Merryweather 1963-11-01
The Wrong Arm of the Law Brassknuckles 1963-03-17
Sparrows Can't Sing Ted 1963-03-26
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Chief Borstal Officer (uncredited) 1962-09-20
It's Trad, Dad! Police Chief 1962-03-30
Crooks Anonymous Grogan 1962-03-31
Band of Thieves Getaway 1962-08-30
Postman's Knock Sam 1962-02-22
Dentist on the Job 1961-06-01
And the Same to You Tubby 1960-02-01
Two Way Stretch Fred 1960-12-20
The Man Who Liked Funerals Renny Fiasco 1959-01-01
The Bank Raiders Joe Linders 1958-10-01
The Long Haul Joe's Heavy 1957-08-27
Peril for the Guy Workman 1956-01-01
My Teenage Daughter Nightclub Bouncer (uncredited) 1956-06-20
Oh... Rosalinda!! Russian guard 1955-11-21
The Ladykillers (uncredited) 1955-12-08
The Belles of St. Trinian's Henchman (uncredited) 1954-09-28
Dangerous Cargo Undercover Policeman (uncredited) 1954-05-01
Radio Cab Murder Detective at Briefing (uncredited) 1954-10-01
Time Bomb 1953-02-05
Women of Twilight Minor Role (uncredited) 1953-01-16
Never Let Me Go Russian Policeman (uncredited) 1953-03-18
The Man in the White Suit (uncredited) 1951-08-07
There Is Another Sun Harry, Boxing Booth Contestant 1951-06-12
Pool of London 1951-02-20
Four Men in Prison Prison Officer (uncredited) 1950-12-31
Double Confession Stretcher-bearer (uncredited) 1950-04-30
The Blue Lamp PC at Darts Game (Uncredited) 1950-01-19
Skimpy in the Navy Boxing Champion 1949-11-15
To the Public Danger Man Standing Near Bar (uncredited) 1948-09-01
My Brother's Keeper Policeman in Manhunt 1948-08-19
Oliver Twist Undetermined Minor Role (Uncredited) 1948-06-28
School for Secrets (uncredited) 1946-12-23
The Captive Heart (uncredited) 1946-04-29
Inspector Hornleigh 1939-03-07