Image of Preston Lockwood

Preston Lockwood

1912-10-30 West Ham, Essex, England, UK

Image of Preston Lockwood


Reginald Herbert Lockwood (30 October 1912 – 24 April 1996), known professionally as Preston Lockwood, was an English actor. The only son of bus driver Herbert Lewis Lockwood and his wife Ethel May (née Preston), Lockwood was born in Essex; he had two elder sisters, Sylvia (born 1908) and Phyllis (born 1909). He used his mother's maiden name as his stage name. Lockwood is best known for his television credits, including the role of Butterfield the butler in several episodes of Jeeves and Wooster. He also appeared in the first episode of The Vicar of Dibley as Reverend Pottle, whose death midway through the prayers served as the catalyst for Geraldine Granger's arrival. Other appearances include Poldark, Shoestring, Doctor Who, Tenko, Miss Marple, All Creatures Great and Small and Inspector Morse. His performances on BBC Radio include Dennis the Dachshund in Children's Hour's Toytown. One of his final roles was as Coriakin the magician in the 1989 BBC TV adaptation of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, one of Chronicles of Narnia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The IMDB informs another place of birth: Leyton, London, England, UK


Memento Mori Deaf Old Man 1992-04-19
The Black Candle Bright 1991-01-01
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian & The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Coriakin 1989-11-19
Consuming Passions 1988-04-06
Pulse Pounders (Dungeonmaster 2 sequence) 1988-01-01
The Lady and the Highwayman Vicar 1988-12-03
Electric Dreams Man at Concert 1984-07-20
Scandalous Leslie 1984-01-29
Doctor Who: Snakedance Dojjen 1983-01-26
The World Cup: A Captain's Tale FA Member 1982-06-13
The Scarlet Pimpernel Duke 1982-11-09
Time Bandits Neguy 1981-07-13
Murphy's Stroke Judge 1980-05-21
Absolution Father Hibbert 1978-06-05
The Prince and the Pauper Father Andrew 1977-06-03
L'auteur de Beltraffio Doctor 1976-03-27
The Ash Tree Dr. Croome 1975-12-23
The Black Windmill Ilkeston 1974-05-17
Paradise Restored John Bradshaw 1974-11-08
Ransom Brigadier Hislop 1974-12-06
The Best Pair of Legs in the Business 3rd Chemist 1973-02-01