Image of Law Wing-Cheong

Law Wing-Cheong

1966-06-26 Hong Kong, China

Image of Law Wing-Cheong


Law Wing-Cheong is a Hong Kong film editor, an assistant director, film director, and actor. He is best known for collaborating as an associate director for films made by Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai of Milkyway Image.


陰目偵信 Mr. Chai 2023-08-10
望月 2023-11-04
阿媽有咗第二個 Fong-ching's Dad 2022-08-11
殺出個黃昏 Doctor 2021-07-15
黑白迷宮 Layman 2017-08-31
衝鋒車 Bowling Alley's Owner 2015-04-02
殺破狼2 Black Market Doctor 2015-06-18
死開啲啦 2015-10-08
大茶飯 2014-10-11
無涯:杜琪峯的電影世界 Self 2013-11-02
超級經理人 Film workshop boss 2013-09-05
懸紅 2012-06-21
奪命金 Wing 2011-10-20
人間喜劇 Assassin Win 2010-03-31
打擂台 Bronze Rooster 2010-06-04
復仇 Old Five 2009-05-20
文雀 Sak 2008-06-19
黑社會 Four Eye (uncredited) 2005-10-20
百年好合 Taxi Driver (uncredited) 2003-01-23
暗戰 2 Loan Shark's Thug 2001-12-27
孤男寡女 Shenzhen Taxi Driver 2000-06-22
再見阿郎 Taxi Driver 1999-05-06
暗戰 Insp Ho's Subordinate 1999-09-23
真心英雄 Chasing Man 1998-09-30
暗花 Policeman 1998-01-01
非常突然 1998-05-28