Image of George Mikell

George Mikell

1930-04-15 Bildeniai, Lithuania

Image of George Mikell



Code Name: Emerald Major Seltz 1985-09-07
Czech Mate Plain Clothes Policeman 1985-03-02
Escape to Victory Kommandant 1981-06-17
The Sea Wolves Captain of Ehrenfels 1980-07-03
The Tamarind Seed Major Stukalov 1974-07-11
Scorpio Dor 1973-04-11
Zeppelin German Officer 1971-04-08
Doppelgänger Captain Ross 1969-08-27
The Double Man Max Gruner 1967-04-25
Where the Spies Are Assassin 1966-01-26
Dateline Diamonds Paul Verlekt 1965-09-27
Operation Crossbow German Officer 1965-04-01
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold German Checkpoint Guard 1965-12-16
The Great Escape Lt. Dietrich 1963-06-20
The Password Is Courage Necke 1962-06-01
The Primitives Claude 1962-10-01
The Guns of Navarone SS Hauptman Sessler 1961-04-27
Highway to Battle Brauwitz 1961-05-21
Jackpot Carl Stock 1960-01-01
Beyond the Curtain Pieter von Seefeldt 1960-04-01
Operation Bullshine German Airman 1959-06-30
Sea of Sand German Officer 1958-11-04
Kill Her Gently Lars Svenson 1957-12-01
The One That Got Away German Prisoner 1957-11-22