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Suet Lee

1965-01-16 Hong Kong, British Crown Colony [now China]

Image of Suet Lee


Sydney (English: Sidney Yim, January 16, 1965 -), born in Hong Kong, native of Dongguan, Guangdong, formerly known as Yan Huiming, Hong Kong female artist. Ranked eighth in the family, the big one is rice snow. Director of the 9th and 10th Council of the Hong Kong Performing Artists Association. "Sydney" is the name of the family for its family. It is directly used as a stage name when debuting. So far, I have performed in Hong Kong Radio, TVB, ATV, Cable TV and VIUTV at different times (I also signed a TV show with Jiayi TV, but the TV station suddenly closed down the next day), when I first debuted at the age of fourteen Brooke Shields was elected as the most popular foreign actress in Japan every week. At the age of eight, I used to be a guest star in the Hong Kong movie "Oolong Thief." In 1979, he debuted for the first time as the heroine of the movie "Shu Baoyu Eight Passes". Later, he was honored as a well-known wireless producer Li Tiansheng in the Hong Kong radio drama "Lily: Grow". He was invited to participate in the wireless classic TV series "Family", playing the role of Rong Jiaxuan. Later, he began to star in and participated in many TV series, movies and stage plays. In 1996, Cao Yu’s classic stage play "Sunrise" was performed for the first time, playing the leading actress Chen Bailu. He has appeared in many classic dramas, including: "The King of Thousand Kings" plays Hong Yingying, "The Winner is King" plays Jiang Xiaoxue, "The Winner is King II" plays Zhuo Yu, "The Manchu Dynasty 13 Dynasty" plays Queen Longyu, "Dragon" is played by Kang Min and "Qin Qin Ji" is played by Mrs. Ya. Among them, the 95th edition of "The Condor Heroes" plays the role of Li Mozhen, and is called "the best word of mouth." In 2006, she starred in the film "Shi Dai Yi Yi" as Li Tai. In the same year, she was invited to attend the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony as a guest. In 2017, she starred in the Hong Kong local film series, which was played by the female killer Yunjie in the "Double Killer of the Extreme 5" and the "The Killing Order of the Extreme 4". In recent years, he has focused on Hong Kong stage plays, online movies, micro-movies and TV series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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