Image of Denis Gilmore

Denis Gilmore

1949-08-14 Hillingdon, Middlesex, England, UK

Image of Denis Gilmore



The Taming of the Shrew Peter 1980-10-23
Psychomania Hatchet 1973-01-05
H2S Tommaso 1969-09-05
Gates to Paradise Robert 1968-05-31
Fahrenheit 451 Book Person: 'The Martian Chronicles' (uncredited) 1966-09-07
Lucy in London Teenager-Pop 1966-10-24
The Tomb of Ligeia Livery Boy 1965-01-20
Cup Fever Skipper Davis 1965-07-21
The Three Lives of Thomasina Jamie McNab 1963-12-11
The Horse Without a Head Tatave 1963-10-06
Almost Angels Friedel Schmidt 1962-09-26
The Unstoppable Man Jimmy Kennedy 1961-06-21
Hand in Hand Tom 1961-02-06