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Peter Hernandez

1988-06-29 Carson City, Nevada, USA

Image of Peter Hernandez


Peter Hernandez is an American professional wrestler, known by his ring name, Peter Avalon. He is best known for his appearances in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Also, Hernandez appeared in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as Norv Fernum.


You Cannot Kill David Arquette Self 2020-08-21
AEW Fyter Fest: The Buy-In Peter Avalon 2019-06-29
Bar Wrestling 41: And Out Come the Wolves Peter Avalon 2019-08-01
AEW Fight for the Fallen: The Buy-In Peter Avalon 2019-07-13
WrestleCircus Big Top Revival Peter Avalon 2019-06-23
Bar Wrestling 27: In The Midnight Hour Peter Avalon 2018-12-31
Bar Wrestling 21: Breastlemania Peter Avalon 2018-10-17
Bar Wrestling 20: Ain't My First Rodeo Drive! Peter Avalon 2018-10-03
Freelance Wrestling: The Ghost Of Right Now Peter Avalon 2018-04-28
Bar Wrestling 13: Hold On To Your Butts Peter Avalon 2018-06-28
Bar Wrestling 17 Not Bad For Tourists Peter Avalon 2018-08-23
Bar Wrestling 8: Happily Ever After Peter Avalon 2018-01-18
NWA 70th Anniversary Show Peter Avalon 2018-10-21
Bar Wrestling 5: This Is Halloween Peter Avalon 2017-12-10
Bar Wrestling 6: Head Of Household Peter Avalon 2017-09-11
Bar Wrestling 1 Peter Avalon 2017-06-08
PWG: Mystery Vortex II Peter Avalon 2014-03-28
PWG: DDT4 Peter Avalon 2014-01-31
PWG: Matt Rushmore Peter Avalon 2013-10-19
TNA Bound for Glory 2013 Norv Fernum 2013-10-20
PWG: All Star Weekend X - Night Two Peter Avalon 2013-12-21
PWG: TEN Peter Avalon 2013-08-09
PWG: World's Finest Peter Avalon 2012-03-17
PWG: Death To All But Metal Peter Avalon 2012-05-25
PWG: Kurt Russellreunion III Peter Avalon 2012-01-29
PWG: Kurt Russellreunion 2 - The Reunioning Peter Avalon 2011-01-29
PWG: Steen Wolf Peter Avalon 2011-10-22
PWG: FEAR Peter Avalon 2011-12-10
PWG: EIGHT Peter Avalon 2011-07-23
PWG: Card Subject To Change III Peter Avalon 2011-04-09
PWG: The Perils of Rock n' Roll Decadence Peter Avalon 2011-09-20
PWG: DDT4 Peter Avalon 2011-03-04
PWG: Cyanide: A Loving Tribute To Poison Peter Avalon 2010-12-11
PWG: SEVEN Peter Avalon 2010-07-30
PWG: The Curse of Guerrilla Island Peter Avalon 2010-10-09
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