Image of Cheng Kwun-Min

Cheng Kwun-Min

Guangdong, China

Image of Cheng Kwun-Min


Cheng Gwan-Min was born in 1917 in Guangdong, China. He was once a theatre actor and broadcaster. In 1936, he made his debut "The Three-Day Massacre in Guangzhou" in Guangzhou. During his long career of more than half a century, he made more than 200 films, mostly Cantonese. A skillful imitator of singers from the East and the West, Cheng had numerous albums and performed Cantonese opera and musicals. He earned himself a nickname "Elvis Presley of the East". From 1970's onwards, he became a host of the classic variety show "Enjoy Yourself Tonight", with occasional guest appearances in films. He passed away in 1995.


神探POWER之問米追兇 News team director 1994-05-21
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鬼馬小天使 Dr Wang 1974-07-06
天天報喜 1974-12-13
Shao nai nai de si wa Boss of Princess Brand 1972-11-11
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歡樂時光 1970-02-05
女黑俠威震地獄門 Do Gwai Lim 1967-03-29
老夫子三救傻仔明 Mental patient 1966-07-13
阿珍要嫁人 Chiu Chik 1966-06-09
姑娘十八一朵花 Chan 1966-11-02
願嫁鬼新郎 1966-10-12
含笑火 Chow Wai-Pak 1966-11-12
彩色青春 1966-08-17
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代代扭紋柴 Shou shi 1960-02-24
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雨夜驚魂 1960-05-18
Two Fools Catch the Murderer 1959-01-01
繅絲女 1955-01-07
玉龍癡鳳(又名:怪錯有情郎) 1951-08-11
血染杜鵑紅 Kwong Kwum 1951-03-08
廣州三日屠城記 Zhou Zhong-Hua 周忠華 1937-03-31