Image of Jim McManus

Jim McManus

1940-05-19 Bristol, England, UK

Image of Jim McManus



Pride Old Man 2014-09-12
Easy Virtue Jackson 2008-11-07
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Barman 2007-07-08
Nella Notte Ministro Russo 2004-07-19
Hornblower: Loyalty Pawnbroker 2003-01-05
Lawless Heart Chef 2002-06-28
Running Late Driver 1 1992-10-11
Buddy's Song Detective 1991-03-01
The Trial of Klaus Barbie Damian 1987-07-15
Silver Dream Racer Bike Salesman 1980-06-13
Murder by Decree Policeman (uncredited) 1979-02-01
Sweeney 2 Barman 1978-03-30