Image of John Hoyt

John Hoyt

1905-10-05 Bronxville, New York, USA

Image of John Hoyt


John Hoyt was an American film, theatre, and television actor.


Mulberry Street Big Vic 2006-05-23
The Last Request Big Joe 2006-05-16
The Pompatus of Love Big Toe 1996-07-26
Alvin Goes Back to School 1986-09-12
Desperately Seeking Susan Space Commander 1985-03-29
Forty Days of Musa Dagh 1982-01-01
Treachery and Greed on the Planet of the Apes Barlow 1980-11-19
The Forgotten City of the Planet of the Apes Barlow 1980-11-18
In Search of Historic Jesus Synagogue Man #1 1979-08-01
Nero Wolfe Hewitt 1979-12-19
A Great Ride Jukebox Drunk 1979-10-17
The Winds of Kitty Hawk Prof. Samuel Langley 1978-12-17
The Turning Point of Jim Malloy Harry Longden 1975-04-12
Flesh Gordon Professor Gordon 1974-07-30
Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol Minister 1972-01-30
The Intruders Appleton 1970-11-10
Panic in the City Dr. Milton Becker 1968-10-01
Winchester '73 Sunrider 1967-03-14
Fame Is the Name of the Game Larkin 1966-11-26
Duel at Diablo Chata 1966-06-15
Gunpoint Mayor Osborne 1966-04-27
Operation C.I.A. Wells 1965-09-08
Two on a Guillotine Attorney Carl Vickers 1965-01-13
Young Dillinger Dr. Wilson 1965-04-28
Asylum for a Spy Lowell Ritchards 1965-04-02
The Glass Cage Lt. Max Westerman 1964-02-06
The Time Travelers Dr. Varno 1964-10-29
X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes Willard Benson 1963-07-13
Cleopatra Cassius 1963-06-12
Merrill's Marauders Gen. Joseph Stilwell 1962-03-16
Spartacus Caius 1960-10-13
Riot in Juvenile Prison Col. Ernest Walton 1959-04-01
Curse of the Undead Dr. Carter 1959-05-01
Never So Few Col. Reed 1959-12-07
Attack of the Puppet People Mr. Franz 1958-04-01
The Beast of Budapest Prof. Ernst Tolnai 1958-02-23
God Is My Partner Gordon Palmer 1957-07-01
Baby Face Nelson Samuel F. Parker 1957-12-11
Sierra Stranger Sheriff 1957-05-01
Death of a Scoundrel Mr. O'Hara 1956-10-31
Forever, Darling Bill Finlay 1956-02-09
Wetbacks Steve Bodine 1956-05-04
The Conqueror Shaman 1956-03-28
Mohawk Butler 1956-04-01
The Come On Harold King, alias Harley Kendrick 1956-04-16
The Big Combo Nils Dreyer 1955-02-13
Moonfleet Magistrate Maskew 1955-06-24
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing William Travers Jerome 1955-10-01
Trial Ralph Castillo 1955-10-07
Blackboard Jungle Mr. Warneke 1955-03-25
The Purple Mask Rochet 1955-06-15
Désirée Talleyrand 1954-11-16
The Student Prince Prime Minister 1954-06-15
Casanova's Big Night Maggiorin 1954-04-07
Julius Caesar Decius Brutus 1953-06-04
Sins of Jezebel Elijah 1953-09-04
The Black Castle Count Steiken 1952-11-20
Loan Shark Vince Phillips 1952-05-23
Androcles and the Lion Cato 1952-12-01
Quebec Father Antoine 1951-03-15
The Company She Keeps Judge Kendall 1951-01-27
Inside Straight Flutey Johnson 1951-03-01
When Worlds Collide Sydney Stanton 1951-09-14
New Mexico Sgt. Harriton 1951-05-18
Lost Continent Michael Rostov 1951-08-17
The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel (uncredited) 1951-10-16
Outside the Wall Jack Bernard 1950-02-08
The Lawless Ed Ferguson 1950-06-01
The Bribe Gibbs 1949-02-03
The Lady Gambles Dr. Rojac 1949-05-20
Trapped Agent John Downey 1949-09-27
The Great Dan Patch Ben Lathrop 1949-07-22
Everybody Does It Wilkins 1949-10-24
Winter Meeting Stacy Grant 1948-04-07
To the Ends of the Earth George C. Shannon 1948-02-07
Sealed Verdict Otto Steigmann 1948-11-05
The Decision of Christopher Blake Mr. Caldwell 1948-12-23
My Favorite Brunette Dr. Lundau 1947-03-19
Brute Force Spencer 1947-07-10
The Unfaithful Det. Lt. Reynolds 1947-07-01
O.S.S. Col. Paul Meister 1946-05-26