Image of Dan Barry

Dan Barry

1983-02-19 Merrick, New York, USA

Image of Dan Barry


An American professional wrestler best known for his appearances with New York Wrestling Connection, Combat Zone Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, House of Hardcore among others. n January 2003, Barry made his USA Pro Wrestling debut as part of a USA Pro gauntlet title nine man gauntlet match. Barry made his New York Wrestling Connection in February 2003 defeating Armand DeMuerto. Later that same night, Barry defeated Johnny Ova to become the NYWC Light Heavyweight Champion. In late 2004, Barry defeated Jay Lethal in a NYWC light heavyweight championship contendership match. The next month both Lethal and Barry lost to Joey Matthews in a three-way title match for the then vacant NYWC Heavyweight Championship. In early 2005, Barry was involved in a four-way NYWC Championship match, losing to Joey Matthews. In 2005, Ken Scampi and Dan Barry formed Team Tremendous. Later in 2005, Team Tremendous defeated The Dead Presidents and Brett Matthews and Brian Myers to become the New York Wrestling Connection Tag Team Champions for the first time. The duo lost the belts to Myers and Matthews in early 2006. In 2007, Barry won the NYWC Hi-Fi Championship by defeating plaZma. Dan Barry wrestled against Joey Braggiol in 2008 in a losing effort. This was his last match for NYWC until 2012 when he returned and took part in a battle royal.


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