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Lien Mya Nguyen

Image of Lien Mya Nguyen


Lien Mya Nguyen was born in Houston Texas father Vietnamese - French (originally from Long An Binh Chanh Vietnam) mother Vietnamese - Chinese (Originally from Soc Trang Vietnam) met in war 1978 in the USA and got married. Lien Mya had 3 siblings one her second sister passed away in 1995 leaving her oldest sister and younger brother. Her family moved to Vietnam in 1992 and she moved back to the USA in 2000. She moved around a lot from Texas to Florida and California. Currently living in Florida. When she was age 5, in 1st grade, teachers would ask their students what they want to be when they grew up. All the kids have the answers of nurse, police man the originals and when it was her turn she said she wanted to be an actress. All the kids asked what was an actress the teacher was shocked. Ever since then, she never gave up on believing that one day she can be an actress and here she is. She started modeling when she was age 15 and within the first month she had a 1 year contract as a spokesmodel for Japanese company Kao for Sifone. Then more and more commercials came and she slowly got into the show biz.


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