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Anna Seregina


Image of Anna Seregina


Anna Seregina was born and spent her childhood in Russia. She migrated with her family to Canada and then eventually settled in Los Angeles, California where she now resides. She is an actress and comedian, known for her work in many esteemed short films, LA's Channel 101, and features such as Civil Dead, On the Rocks, and Derek's Dead.


Pillow Fortress Jade 2024-02-11
Je Ne Suis Pas Une Star De Cinéma Casting Director 2023-06-24
The Civil Dead Cabin Couple 2023-02-01
Shadow Anna 2022-02-17
The Last Open Mic At The End of the World 2021-05-28
Home 2020-03-24
Derek's Dead Linda 2020-12-15
The Lot 2019-09-01
Milton Chrissy 2019-03-09
In Bright Axiom Narrator 2019-06-07
Zoe Zoe 2017-06-25
On the Rocks Anna 2017-02-03
Mommy To Brayden Linda 2017-07-03
Stay Carol 2017-09-21
Parker Anna 2017-07-08
Request 2016-01-15
The Buddhist 2016-03-14
Blue Line Anna (Voice) 2016-01-01
A Ripple of Nothing Significant Laura 2016-12-01
What a Nice Party 2015-08-18
Stepsister Anna 2013-04-28