Image of Alexander Gauge

Alexander Gauge

1914-07-29 Wenchow, China

Image of Alexander Gauge


Alexander Gauge was a British actor best known for playing Friar Tuck in The Adventures of Robin Hood from 1955 to 1959. Born in a Methodist Mission station in Wenzhou in China, Gauge was a well-known English character actor. Gauge attended school in California before moving to England.


Nothing Barred Policeman 1961-10-10
Les canailles Chalmers 1960-01-29
A Christmas Carol Ghost of Christmas Present 1959-12-27
The Passionate Stranger MC at Dance 1957-03-04
Breakaway MacAllister 1956-01-01
Port of Escape Inspector Levins 1956-05-01
The Iron Petticoat Senator Howley 1956-09-01
The Green Man Chairman 1956-12-21
Tiger by the Tail Fitzgerald 1955-09-19
The Reluctant Bride Humbold 1955-08-01
The Hornet's Nest Mr. Arnold 1955-05-13
Fast and Loose Claude Hankin, M.P. 1954-02-12
Mystery on Bird Island Bronson 1954-12-01
Double Exposure Denis Clayton 1954-03-01
Before I Wake Police sergeant 1954-01-01
Will Any Gentleman...? Mr. Billing 1953-08-25
The Square Ring 1953-07-13
House of Blackmail John Markham 1953-07-13
Martin Luther Tetzel 1953-05-08
The Great Game Ben Woodhall 1953-01-01
Counterspy Smith 1953-07-27
Penny Princess MacNabb the Lawyer (uncredited) 1952-03-24
The Pickwick Papers Tracy Tupman 1952-11-14
Murder in the Cathedral 1951-09-10
The Interrupted Journey Jerves Wilding 1949-10-11