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Al Goto

1962-01-31 San Diego, California, USA

Image of Al Goto


Al Goto is an Award-winning American Stunt coordinator and stuntman.


Haywire Sheriff #2 2011-11-01
The Book of Eli Convoy Thug 2010-01-14
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist Stick Fighter #3 2002-01-25
The Master of Disguise Ninja Warrior 2002-08-02
Spider-Man Cop (uncredited) 2002-05-01
Charlie's Angels Knox Thug 2000-11-02
The President's Man General Vinh Tran Man (uncredited) 2000-04-02
Blade Henchman (uncredited) 1998-08-21
Godzilla Japanese Fishing Boat Crewman (uncredited) 1998-05-20
Lethal Weapon 4 General's Men (uncredited) 1998-07-10
Spawn Hong Kong Military Air Base Person (uncredited) 1997-07-31
The Immortals Asian Man 1995-10-05
Scanners: The Showdown Lobby Cop #1 1995-01-25
Hard Vice Naburo 1994-07-27
The Shadow Mongol 1994-07-01
Joshua Tree Chinese Gunman #3 1993-04-08
Another Stakeout Pizza Man 1993-07-22
Kuffs Japanese Hood 1992-01-10
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vampire 1992-07-24
Showdown in Little Tokyo Yoshida's Man (uncredited) 1991-08-23
The Perfect Weapon Yung's Guard (uncredited) 1991-03-15
Hard to Kill Clever Chinese Man 1990-02-09
Vietnam Texas 1990-03-09