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Ed Galvez

Image of Ed Galvez


Ed Galvez has been doing comedy since moving to LA in the Summer of 1998. Ed got his start studying at UCB, IO West, Second City, ACME, and The Groundlings. Ed has written and performed in many sketch shows, as well as doing stand-up all over the country. Ed also performed his one-man show “Love Life Limb” at top comedy venues all across the country. Ed has appeared in numerous national and local commercials, MTV’s Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, and was featured in The History Channel’s documentary History of the Joke hosted by Lewis Black. His film credits include the title character in the Horror Comedy “Amigo Undead” and the indie rom-com “Brand New Old Love”.


Brand New Old Love Marty Galvez 2017-08-01
Trailer Park Gigolo Rodeo 2015-06-27
Amigo Undead Jovan Cornejo 2015-04-25