Image of Jamison Yang

Jamison Yang


Image of Jamison Yang



FDR: American Badass! Emperor Hirohito 2012-09-24
The Green Hornet City Hall Reporter 2011-01-12
Death at a Funeral 2010-04-15
The Ugly Truth KPQU Big Wig 2009-07-24
Surfer, Dude Customs Agent #2 2008-09-05
Backwoods Mike Chen 2008-01-03
Tied in Knots Saravan 2008-01-01
Transformers Analyst 2007-06-27
Million Dollar Baby Paramedic 2004-12-15
Bruce Almighty Office Staffer 2003-05-23
Thirteen Science Teacher 2003-08-20
Godzilla F-18 Pilot 1998-05-20