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Harry Humphries

1940-11-17 Kearny, New Jersey, USA

Image of Harry Humphries


Harry R. Humphries is a former United States Navy SEAL, who is a producer, military consultant and actor. After graduating from Admiral Farragut Academy and attending Rutgers University in New Jersey, he joined the Navy in 1958. Soon after joining, he completed UDTR (Underwater Demolition Team Replacement) Class 29 and graduated as Honor man. He was assigned to UDT 22. After working with UDT 22 for some time in 1965 to 1967, he volunteered for and was accepted into SEAL Team Two. In 1971, he left the Navy with an Honorable Discharge. After a career with Henkel KGaA, the German Multi National Chemical Company, he moved to California, where he started Global Study Group, Inc. ("GSGI"). He works full-time as a Security Consultant and Entertainment Technical Adviser/Actor/Producer.


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