Image of Israel Juarbe

Israel Juarbe


Image of Israel Juarbe



Boogie Nights Maurice's Brother 1997-10-07
If Someone Had Known Bailiff 1995-05-01
The Net Thief 1995-07-28
Angels in the Outfield Jose Martinez 1994-07-15
Indecent Proposal Citizenship Student 1993-04-07
Bert Rigby, You're a Fool Bell Hop 1989-02-24
The Night Before Attendant 1988-04-15
Overboard Yacht: Engine Room Crewman 1987-12-16
The House of Ramón Iglesia Charlie 1986-04-14
Beverly Hills Cop Room Service Waiter 1984-12-05
The Karate Kid Freddy 1984-06-22
Dreams Don't Die Kirk 1982-05-21
Drop-Out Father Jose 1982-09-26