Image of Richard Derr

Richard Derr

1918-06-16 Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA

Image of Richard Derr


Richard Derr (June 15, 1917 – May 8, 1992) was an American actor who worked on stage, screen and television, performing in both starring and supporting roles.


Washington Mistress Party Guest 1982-01-13
Firefox Admiral Curtin 1982-06-13
American Gigolo Mr. Williams 1980-02-08
The Drowning Pool James 1975-07-01
The Morning After Dr. Tillman 1974-02-13
The Victim Highway Patrolman 1972-11-14
Adam at Six A.M. Mr. Gaines 1970-09-22
Three in the Attic Mr. Clinton 1968-12-20
An American Dream Jack Hale 1966-08-31
Terror Is a Man William Fitzgerald 1959-11-01
The Invisible Avenger Lamont Cranston 1958-12-02
Something to Live For Tony Collins 1952-03-07
When Worlds Collide David Randall 1951-09-14
Guilty of Treason Soviet Col. Aleksandr Melnikov 1950-02-20
The Murder Club 1950-10-31
Luxury Liner Charles G.K. Worton 1948-11-09
Joan of Arc Jean de Metz, a knight 1948-12-22
The Bride Goes Wild Bruce Kope Johnson 1948-03-03
The Secret Heart Larry Addams 1946-12-25
Cry 'Havoc' Marine with Thermometer 1943-11-23
The Man Who Wouldn't Die Roger Blake 1942-04-27
Sex Hygiene Soldier 1942-02-01
Castle in the Desert Carl Detheridge 1942-02-02
Just Off Broadway John Logan, Defense Attorney 1942-08-28
A Gentleman at Heart Stewart Haines 1942-01-16
Ten Gentlemen from West Point Chester 1942-06-26
Charlie Chan in Rio Ken Reynolds 1941-09-05
Man at Large Max 1941-09-26