Image of Simon Rhee

Simon Rhee

1957-10-28 San Jose, California, USA

Image of Simon Rhee


Master Simon Rhee is a World TKD Kukkiwon certified 7th degree Black Belt and Tournament Grand Champion, a professional stuntman, martial artist, fight choreographer and stunt coordinator. He is a member and past president of the International Stunt Association and is a recipient of 2 Taurus World Stunt Awards and numerous Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and nominations.


Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) Cell Guard 2020-02-05
The Nun Holy Man 1 (uncredited) 2018-09-05
Extraction Jiu Jitsu Instructor 2015-12-18
Ktown Cowboys Henry 2015-03-15
Straight Outta Compton Korean Store Owner 2015-08-11
The Gambler Mister Lee's Heavy #2 2014-12-25
Olympus Has Fallen Kang's Korean Commando (uncredited) 2013-03-20
Alex Cross Fan Yau Bodyguard #3 2012-10-18
Safe Underground Casino Guard (uncredited) 2012-04-16
The Dark Knight Rises Bane's Henchmen (uncredited) 2012-07-16
Red Dawn Captain Cho Soldier (uncredited) 2012-03-15
Game of Death Agent 2011-02-15
3 Musketeers Commander 2011-10-25
Ballistica Chinese Guard #2 2009-12-18
The Art of War III: Retribution Kim's Bodyguard #1 (uncredited) 2009-01-01
Tropic Thunder Flaming Dragon Compound Person (uncredited) 2008-08-09
Redbelt Bruno's Henchman 2008-04-07
Rush Hour 3 Triad Assassin (uncredited) 2007-08-08
Big Stan Master Cho 2007-06-06
18 Fingers of Death! Asian Villain #1 2006-04-11
Mission: Impossible III Chinese Guard at Hengshan Lu Building (uncredited) 2006-05-03
Clementine Korean Man in Crowd 2004-12-14
Blind Horizon Hotel Man 2003-12-14
The Italian Job Armored Truck Guard 2003-05-30
The Master of Disguise Ninja Warrior 2002-08-02
Windtalkers Japanese Soldier (uncredited) 2002-06-14
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist Young Master Pain's Henchman 2002-01-25
Landspeed Hiro 2002-06-11
Rush Hour 2 Triad Gangster (uncredited) 2001-08-03
The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option Lim 2001-04-24
Blowback Henry Dang 2000-03-10
Lethal Weapon 4 Thug 1998-07-10
T.N.T. Choi 1998-01-09
Spawn Hong Kong Military Air Base Person (uncredited) 1997-07-31
The Glimmer Man Carjacker / Thug (uncredited) 1996-10-04
Twisted Fate Fong 1995-01-01
Hologram Man Thug (uncredited) 1995-06-27
Bad Blood Thug Lee 1994-11-03
Best of the Best 2 Dae Han 1993-01-01
Universal Soldier GR61 1992-07-10
Showdown in Little Tokyo Ito 1991-08-23
Best of the Best Dae Han Park 1989-11-10
Silent Assassins Iga #1 1988-01-01
Killzone Crawford's Men 1985-05-01
Furious Simon 1984-01-06
Firefight 1983-01-01