Image of Marcus Lyle Brown

Marcus Lyle Brown


Image of Marcus Lyle Brown



Eagle and the Albatross Dr. Swat 2020-02-12
Shock and Awe Intelligence Official 2018-07-13
Christmas Cupid's Arrow Sean Devine 2018-11-25
Cold Moon Walter Perry 2016-10-27
Misconduct Joe Bilson 2016-02-05
The Big Short Merrill Lynch Rep 2015-12-11
Self/less Lab Technician 2015-07-10
A Girl Like Grace Mike Walsh 2015-06-12
Hot Pursuit Lou 2015-05-08
The Runner Chris Wilcox 2015-08-07
Of Mind and Music Sam 2014-10-19
The Host Healer Fords 2013-03-22
From the Rough Bob Russell 2013-06-08
Bullet to the Head Detective Towne 2013-01-31
12 Years a Slave Jasper 2013-10-18
Stolen Matthews 2012-09-06
Swamp Shark Deputy Cooper 2011-06-25
Seeking Justice Detective Green 2011-09-02
House of Bones Greg Fisher 2010-01-16
Hurricane Season Jonathan's Father 2009-12-08
Wolvesbayne Konstantinos 2009-10-12
The Dunwich Horror Father Enladade 2009-12-13
I Love You Phillip Morris Young Doctor 2009-01-18
Premonition Bob 2007-02-08
The Great Debaters Howard Debater #1 2007-12-27
Mammoth Agent Whitaker 2006-04-22
Big Momma's House 2 Erskine 2006-01-26
Lethal Seduction ICU Doctor 2005-05-05
The Madam's Family: The Truth About the Canal Street Brothel Court Clerk 2004-10-31
Heart of the Storm Juke 2004-11-22
The Badge Deputy Jackson 2002-09-07
Monster's Ball Phil Huggins 2001-06-07
Schizopolis Corporate Mole (uncredited) 1997-03-12
Eve's Bayou Hosea 1997-11-07
Dead Man Walking Parole Board Member (uncredited) 1995-12-29