Image of Diana Chesney

Diana Chesney

1916-11-17 Mandalay, Burma

Image of Diana Chesney



Robin Hood: Men in Tights Villager 1993-07-28
Switch Mrs. Wetherspoon 1991-05-10
The Great Mouse Detective Mrs. Judson (voice) 1986-07-02
Help Wanted: Male Hilda 1982-01-16
Rescue from Gilligan's Island Mrs. Fellows 1978-10-14
Suddenly, Love 1978-12-04
Swashbuckler Landlady 1976-07-29
Airport 1975 Diana (uncredited) 1974-10-18
The King's Pirate Molvina MacGregor 1967-07-20
Munster, Go Home! Mrs. Moresby 1966-06-15
Strongroom Charlady 1962-05-04
Dangerous Afternoon Mrs. Roberts 1961-05-23
Three on a Spree Dowager (uncredited) 1961-06-28
Man Accused Party Woman 1959-10-01
Son of a Stranger Mrs. Peck 1958-03-03
Barnacle Bill Mrs. Figg 1957-12-17
It Could Be You 1957-06-01
Three's Company Maid 1953-10-26
Soho Conspiracy Rosa 1950-10-01