Image of Clyde Howdy

Clyde Howdy


Image of Clyde Howdy



There Was a Crooked Man... U.S. Marshal 1970-09-18
The Shakiest Gun in the West Man (uncredited) 1968-07-10
Bonnie and Clyde Deputy (uncredited) 1967-08-14
The Chase Deputy Preston (uncredited) 1966-02-18
PT 109 Leon Drawdy 1963-06-26
The Young Land Cowboy (uncredited) 1959-05-01
Yellowstone Kelly Indian (uncredited) 1959-11-11
Westbound Witness to Stagecoach Accident (uncredited) 1959-04-25
Gun Duel In Durango Townsman (uncredited) 1957-05-01