Image of Lori Graham

Lori Graham

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Image of Lori Graham


Lori Graham is a Canadian news anchor and actress. She has hosted Good Morning Canada and CTV’s “Telethon of Stars. Lori also appeared in movies such Arrival, White House Down, and The Day After Tomorrow.


Moonfall Los Angeles News Anchor 2022-02-03
Arrival TV Anchor 2016-11-10
Krach Alissa 2010-09-01
The Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream TV Commentator 2008-03-16
End of the Line Brenda 2007-10-14
Legacy of Fear Reporter 2006 2006-11-27
Nightwaves Day Newscaster 2003-02-01
Swindle Reporter 2002-04-01