Image of Michael Balfour

Michael Balfour

1918-02-11 Dover, Kent, England, UK

Image of Michael Balfour



Revenge of Billy the Kid Gyles MacDonald 1992-01-01
The Krays Referee 1990-04-27
Batman Scientist 1989-06-23
The Holcroft Covenant Hard Hat 1985-09-20
Candleshoe Mr. McCress 1977-12-16
The Stick Up Sam 1977-04-10
The Copter Kids 1976-02-01
All Coppers Are... Heart Attack Victim (uncredited) 1972-01-24
I racconti di Canterbury The Carpenter 1972-09-02
Macbeth First Murderer 1971-12-20
Man of Violence Cafe Owner 1970-06-01
The Adventurers Detective 1970-03-25
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Cabby 1970-10-29
Hoverbug Mr. Gutteridge 1969-06-01
The Oblong Box Ruddock 1969-06-11
Kaleidoscope Poker Player 1966-07-01
Fahrenheit 451 Book Person: Machiavelli's 'The Prince' (uncredited) 1966-09-07
Press for Time Sewerman 1966-01-01
Strangler's Web John Vichelski 1965-08-01
Echo of Diana Newsagent 1963-05-01
The Fast Lady Bandit 1962-12-14
The Monster of Highgate Ponds Bert 1962-01-01
Pit of Darkness Fisher 1961-10-01
Too Hot to Handle Tourist Guide 1960-12-01
The Flesh and the Fiends Drunken Sailor 1960-02-02
Sink the Bismarck! Able Seaman - Lookout on 'Suffolk' (uncredited) 1960-02-11
The Big Money 'Wilberforce' 1958-06-09
Fiend Without a Face Sgt. Kasper 1958-07-03
The Steel Bayonet Pte. Thomas 1958-02-01
Light Fingers The Major 1957-08-01
Quatermass 2 Harry 1957-05-24
Breakaway Barney 1956-01-01
Barbados Quest Barney Wilson 1955-07-01
Secret Venture Stevens 1955-11-10
It's a Great Day Charlie Mead's Mate 1955-01-01
The Reluctant Bride Boxer 1955-08-01
The Delavine Affair Sammy 1955-01-03
Meet Mr. Callaghan Coffee Stallkeeper 1954-06-01
The Sea Shall Not Have Them Dray 1954-06-01
Impulse uncredited 1954-01-01
Devil's Point Bennett, short henchman 1954-12-07
Delayed Action Honey 1954-07-01
The Red Beret American Sergeant 1953-08-11
Recoil Parkes 1953-08-01
Park Plaza 605 Ted Birston 1953-12-07
Albert R.N. Hank 1953-11-23
The Steel Key 'The Mae McCleod' Captain 1953-05-01
Genevieve Trumpeter (Uncredited) 1953-05-28
Johnny on the Run 1953-06-01
Three Steps to the Gallows Carter, boxing fan 1953-12-01
Love in Pawn Alaric 1953-01-01
13 East Street Joey Long 1952-03-01
Top Secret Jersey Sailor 1952-11-10
Venetian Bird Moretto 1952-10-01
The Quiet Woman Lefty Brown 1951-03-01
A Case For P.C. 49 Chubby Price 1951-08-01
Cage of Gold American Soldier (uncredited) 1950-09-21
Help Yourself Charlie 1950-02-15
Her Favourite Husband Pete 1950-09-01
Melody Club Max 1949-07-01
Obsession American Sailor Promoting Book 1949-08-03
Helter Skelter Barman 1949-01-07
Stop Press Girl Crook (uncredited) 1949-06-02
Don't Ever Leave Me Jim Kennedy 1949-07-19
Sleeping Car To Trieste Spiegel 1948-10-06
No Orchids for Miss Blandish Barney 1948-04-15
The Small Voice Frankie 1948-11-27
Woman Hater Reporter (uncredited) 1948-10-13
Just William's Luck Tonks 1947-12-17
Design for Loving Bernie