Image of Yuen Woo-ping

Yuen Woo-ping

1945-01-01 Guangzhou, China

Image of Yuen Woo-ping


Yuen Woo-ping is a Chinese martial arts choreographer and film director, renowned as one of the most successful and influential figures in the world of Hong Kong action cinema. He is one of the inductees on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong. Yuen is also a son of Yuen Siu-tien, a renowned martial arts film actor.


龙虎武师 2021-08-28
Man of Tai Chi Man at Fight Club (uncredited) 2013-07-04
一代宗師 Chan Wah-shun 2013-01-10
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Self 2011-09-03
The Matrix Reloaded: Pre-Load Self 2003-10-14
Making 'Enter the Matrix' Himself (as Yuen Wo Ping) 2003-10-14
The Matrix Revisited Kung Fu Choreographer 2001-11-19
Making 'The Matrix' Himself 1999-09-21
Cinema of Vengeance Himself (uncredited) 1994-01-01
機Boy小子之真假威龍 Master Dragon 1992-06-12
妖獸都市 Sergeant Kayama 1992-01-01
豪門夜宴 Man at Dinner 1991-11-30
一本漫畫闖天涯 Yi 1990-03-22
義膽群英 1989-09-14
三人世界 Headmaster Lau 1988-08-25
特警屠龙 Master Eight 1988-07-28
群龍奪寶 Chia Yi Chen in disguise 1988-09-22
東方秃鷹 Yun, Yen-Hoy 1987-07-09
情逢敵手 Mini 1985-04-03
聖誕快樂 Paula's Cousin 1984-12-12
醉拳 Man with Bucket of Greens 1978-10-05
脂粉大煞星 1978-06-07
油鬼子 Tin Choi's Thug / Road Worker / Policeman 1976-09-18
辭郎洲 Soldier (Extra) 1976-04-12
中國超人 Science Research Center's staff 1975-01-01
Chu Ba [Extra] 1973-09-01
Da sha shou Thug 1972-08-01
壁虎 Casino Thug 1972-11-01
群英會 3) Soldier 1972-11-05
大決鬥 1971-04-21
Ying Wang Lo Brothers' Thug 1971-01-01
八步追魂 Extra 1969-12-18
紅辣椒 Hulu Valley's bandit 1968-07-17
金燕子 Golden Dragon Five Heroes (in green) 1968-04-03
女黑俠威震地獄門 1967-03-29
獨臂刀 Chi Student 1967-07-26
邊城三俠 Soldier 1966-11-08
含笑火 Thug 1966-11-12
江湖奇俠 Red Lotus member 1965-01-10
火燒紅蓮寺之鴛鴦劍俠 Red Lotus member 1965-12-22
宝莲灯 God of Thunder's fellow 1965-07-07
白蛇傳 Celestial spirit 1962-10-02