Image of Alex Essoe

Alex Essoe

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Image of Alex Essoe


Alex Essoe is an outstanding new LA-based Canadian actress who delivers what Variety deems a “knockout performance” as the lead in STARRY EYES -- a Cronenberg-esque psychological thriller that has made a lot of waves since it’s debut at SXSW. Alex has also appeared in various independent features, and television shows including HOUSE OF LIES, CALIFORNICATION, and CRASH.


The Drone Rachel 2021-01-07
Faceless Sophie 2021-02-16
Homewrecker Michelle 2020-06-26
Death of Me Samantha 2020-10-02
Doctor Sleep Wendy Torrance 2019-10-30
States Grace Genet 2019-08-02
The Attaché Liz 2018-09-12
Your Filthy Heart Jenny 2018-02-23
The Super Ms. Daigle 2018-11-08
Red Island Amy 2018-12-01
Midnighters Lindsey 2017-06-19
The Home Mary 2017-02-06
The Home Isabel 2017-02-06
The Blessed Ones Nurse Iris 2016-01-01
Fashionista 2016-09-22
The Neighbor Rosie 2016-08-19
Tales of Halloween Lynn 2015-10-16
Don't Wake Mommy Susan 2015-01-01
Starry Eyes Sarah 2014-07-29
Across Time I Cry 2014-07-31
Ecstasy Helena 2011-06-28
Passion Play Audrey 2011-01-10
Free to Go Elyse 2008-01-01
Sisters Lisa Young