Image of Nicky Whelan

Nicky Whelan

1981-05-10 Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia

Image of Nicky Whelan


Nicky Whelan became known in Australia with the role of Pepper Steiger, which she played in the soap opera Neighbors, during a hundred episodes, broadcast between 2006 and 2007. She arrived in Hollywood with two projects: first with the choral comedy Hollywood & Wine, where she played an aspiring actress arriving in Hollywood. Then by landing a recurring role in the ninth season of Scrubs, that of Maya, a very sexy medical student. However, the series is suddenly stopped. The actress then continues with the filming of a comedy by the Farrelly brothers, Good to shoot, worn by the tandem Jason Sudeikis / Owen Wilson, then appearances in series, short films and B series films. The year 2013 allowed her to land more exposed projects: she appeared in six episodes of the detective series Franklin and Bash, then landed her first regular role in the web-series Chosen, carried by Milo Ventimiglia. She plays in the first two seasons of the series, also giving the reply to Chad Michael Murray. The following year, she followed up with supporting roles in two fantastic feature films set in airplanes: one was a television film for the SyFy channel, Flight 7500: One Way Back, with a cast of actors from television series ; and the other is the action movie Le Chaos, carried by Nicolas Cage. She plays a flight attendant. But above all, she shares the poster for a new television series, entitled Matador with Gabriel Luna. This thriller series, where the actors embody CIA agents, and produced by director Robert Rodriguez, however, does not exceed a season of 13 episodes. She continues with the pilot of another series, which however does not succeed. In 2015, she therefore shared the poster for a B-series romance, Borrowed Moments, with Brian Krause, then appeared in the comedy Witness for Rent, worn by Kevin Hart, Josh Gad and Kaley Cuoco. She is also part of the very large distribution of the experimental Knight of Cups, by Terrence Malick. She also appears in five episodes of the Satisfaction series. She continues to appear in minor projects, including the thriller Usurpation, which she shares with Nicolas Cage and Gina Gershon. Source : Wikipedia


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