Image of Jameson Clark

Jameson Clark

Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire, Scotland, UK

Image of Jameson Clark



Ploughman's Share Barman 1979-02-27
Just Another Saturday 1975-07-05
Ring of Bright Water Storekeeper 1969-06-18
A Pair of Briefs George Lockwood 1962-03-01
The Battle of the Sexes Andrew Darling 1960-02-25
The Bridal Path PC at Crossroads 1959-08-05
The 39 Steps MacDougal 1959-03-13
Beyond This Place James Swann 1959-04-28
The Key English Captain 1958-05-28
Rockets Galore Constable Macrae 1958-12-26
The Long Haul Sam MacNaughton 1957-08-27
High Terrace Detective Inspector Mackay 1956-10-01
Bond of Fear Scotty 1956-04-01
X the Unknown Jack Harding 1956-09-21
Geordie Geordie's Father 1955-09-02
The Maggie Dirty Dan 1954-02-25
Laxdale Hall Roderick McLeod 1953-04-01
The Kidnappers Tom Cameron 1953-12-01
The Brave Don't Cry Doctor Andrew Kerr 1952-08-01
Whisky Galore! Constable Macrae 1949-06-16