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Alex West

1984-11-07 Houston, Texas, USA

Image of Alex West


Alex Chatmon West is an actor and 23X international award-winning filmmaker (4X Platinum) that is best known for his work on This is Me Now, Harvested, Harvested 2, Blood & Water, Angie's Cure, A Holiday Change, Dread, Space Juice and Don't Shoot. As a brass knuckle self taught filmmaker, Alex's films are streaming on Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV and multiple other platforms where they are free to the public. He is enthralled with inspiring, helping and motivating other's by creating content and opportunities through his companies, Culture Forward Media Group and Culture Forward TV. The LA native is married to Ruby Lee Dove II who is also an actor and producer. A former semi-professional basketball player, Alex is also a polymath, artist, and philanthropist. His next films are Harvested 3 (2024) and This is Your Driver (2024), both belonging to the horror / thriller genre. Alex favorite quotes: "You can swallow a pint of your own blood before you get sick". - Fight Club


This Is Me…Now Louis 2024-02-15
Angie's Cure Sloan 2022-08-26
Dog Holding Cell Prisoner 2022-02-17
Kepley TJ Wallin 2021-06-18
Decapitarium Dr. Wilkinson 2021-04-01
PreGame 2020-10-21
A Holiday Change Marcus Campbell 2019-08-20
Dread Slade 2019-12-20
Alien Predator Plante 2018-09-11
The Perfect Wife Officer Morris 2017-02-02
Don't Shoot Assistant District Attorney Bobby Casey 2017-05-21
Caught Between the Two Trevante 2016-06-01
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