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Sheila Ellis

Wisconsin, USA

Image of Sheila Ellis


Sheila Ellis was raised in Wisconsin. Her first print job was in May 2002 where she was featured as a model in the Milwaukee City LifeStyle Magazine. In 2003 she moved to CA and that is when she immersed herself in the entertainment industry. One pivotal moment in her career was when she garnered the principal role in the crime re-enactment television show Extreme Forensics. Since that time, Sheila has been featured and garnered credits that range from commercials, television, film, industrials and voiceover in the San Francisco and Los Angeles markets. In 2013, she was the executive producer of The Tailypo. In 2015, she garnered the role of Commander Lisa Hunt in a short called Who is Daniel Warren? The film explores the problem of police brutality and Commander Hunt is trying to restore order in her agency and well as trying to restore police/community relations. Sheila would encourage anyone that has a goal in mind to dream, pursue and attain!


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