Image of James Farentino

James Farentino


Image of James Farentino



Women of the Night Sabatini 2001-01-01
The Last Producer Poker Player 2000-08-22
Murder in the Mirror Detective Frank Russo 2000-01-19
Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story 1998-12-09
Termination Man Cain 1998-02-17
Bulletproof Capt. Jensen 1996-09-06
Dazzle Jimmy Rosemont 1995-10-15
Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True Story of the Menendez Murders Jose Menendez 1994-04-18
Deep Down Joey 1994-03-26
One Woman's Courage Lieutenant Bill Lawson 1994-02-27
When No One Would Listen Gary Cochran 1992-11-15
Miles from Nowhere John Reilly 1992-01-07
In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing Lieutenant Ray Wiltern 1990-11-25
Naked Lie Jonathan Morris 1989-02-26
Her Alibi Frank Polito 1989-02-03
Who Gets the Friends? 1988-05-10
The Red Spider Lieutenant Daniel Malone 1988-04-21
Family Sins Gordon Williams 1987-10-25
That Secret Sunday 1986-11-25
A Summer to Remember Tom Wyler 1985-03-27
Picking Up the Pieces Don Hagan 1985-10-22
The Fourth Wise Man Jesus (voice) 1985-03-30
License to Kill John Peterson 1984-01-10
The Cradle Will Fall Dr. Edgar Highley 1983-05-24
Something So Right Arnie Potts 1982-11-30
Dead & Buried Sheriff Dan Gillis 1981-05-29
Evita Peron Gen. Juan Peron 1981-02-23
The Final Countdown Wing Commander Richard T. Owens 1980-01-31
Silent Victory: The Kitty O'Neil Story Duffy Hambleton 1979-02-24
Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love Barry Kaufman 1979-05-14
The Possessed Kevin Leahy 1977-05-01
Crossfire Vince Rossi 1975-03-24
Mitzi & 100 Guys Self 1975-03-24
The Elevator Eddie Holcomb 1974-02-09
The Longest Night John Danbury 1972-09-12
Mask of Marcella Jefferson Keyes 1972-10-16
The Family Rico Gino Rico 1972-09-13
Storia di una donna Bruno Cardini 1970-06-10
Me, Natalie David Harris 1969-07-13
The Sound of Anger Neil Darrell 1968-12-10
The Ride to Hangman's Tree Matt Stone 1967-04-23
Wings of Fire Taff Malloy 1967-02-14
Rosie! David Wheelright 1967-11-22
Banning Chris Patton 1967-12-13
Death of a Salesman Happy Loman 1966-05-07
The Pad and How to Use It Ted 1966-08-17
The War Lord Marc 1965-11-17
Ensign Pulver Insigna 1964-07-31
Violent Midnight Charlie Perone 1963-05-22