Image of George Innes

George Innes

1938-03-08 London, England, UK

Image of George Innes



Elizabeth: The Golden Age Burton 2007-09-09
Stardust Soothsayer 2007-08-09
Things to Do Before You're 30 Don 2005-05-11
Unstoppable Korean War veteran 2004-10-20
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Joe Plaice, Able Seaman 2003-11-14
Last Orders Bernie 2001-09-10
Shiner 'Little Pete' Jones 2000-09-22
Morons from Outer Space Stanley Benson 1985-03-29
Ordeal by Innocence Archie Leach 1984-06-22
A Caribbean Mystery Edward Hillingdon 1983-10-22
Ivanhoe Wamba 1982-02-23
The Archer: Fugitive from the Empire Mak 1981-04-12
Antony & Cleopatra Menas 1981-05-08
Quadrophenia Cafe Owner 1979-09-14
Sweeney 2 Pete Beale 1978-03-30
The Medusa Touch Van Driver 1978-04-13
The Odd Job Caretaker 1978-08-31
Sweeney 2 Doyle 1978-03-30
A Touch of the Tiny Hacketts Graham 1978-10-31
The After Dinner Joke Thief 1978-02-14
Nipper Alfie 1977-11-15
A Bridge Too Far Sgt. Macdonald 1977-06-15
Buffet Ticket collector 1976-11-02
Where the Action Is 1975-02-08
Three Men in a Boat Train Driver 1975-12-31
Pope Joan Monk 1972-08-16
The Last Valley Vomez 1971-01-28
Gumshoe Bookshop Proprietor 1971-12-01
The Italian Job Bill Bailey 1969-06-02
Before Winter Comes Bill 1969-03-24
Charlie Bubbles Garage Attendant 1968-02-11
In Two Minds Paul Morris 1967-03-01
Billy Liar Stamp 1963-08-15