Image of Barrie Houghton

Barrie Houghton

Chatham, Kent, England, UK

Image of Barrie Houghton



Butcher's Hook Taxidermist 1995-07-02
Small Zones 1990-03-04
Empire of the Sun British Prisoner 1987-12-09
Wish You Were Here Café Manager 1987-07-24
Harem Astrologer 1986-02-09
Fords on Water Hotel Waiter 1983-01-01
The Scarlet Pimpernel Executioner 1982-11-09
Inseminoid Karl 1981-01-23
Gauguin the Savage Vincent Van Gogh 1980-04-29
The Day Christ Died Judas 1980-03-26
Flame Ron 1975-02-13