Image of Ellen Chan

Ellen Chan

1966-02-16 Hong Kong, British Crown Colony [now China]

Image of Ellen Chan


Hong Kong actress who has appeared in a number of Hong Kong film productions. From 1985 to 1992, Chen Yalun performed a lot of movies and some TV series, but the star route was not outstanding. In 1993, in order to break through the performing arts career, she took the first three-level film "Dangerous Love" and sang the theme song "Meng Liren" in the movie. In the same year, she launched the first adult photo album. In 1994, she signed a contract with Xinli Records to launch the Cantonese-language record.


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鬼味人間II:鬼屋幻影 2003-01-01
失鎗72小時 Sung Ling 2003-02-20
我愛一碌葛 2002-11-21
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新義本無言 Ice Chan 1991-12-09
馬路英雄 1991-01-19
Lao po ni hao ye 1990-12-06
龍鳳茶樓 Gigi 1990-04-26
老虎出更2 Sweet Dream 1990-02-10
殭屍醫生 Alice 1990-12-06
新最佳拍檔 Ellen 1989-01-01
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