Image of Dale Wilson

Dale Wilson


Image of Dale Wilson



Things 5 Barfly 2019-04-16
Blackway 2015-10-03
Notes from the Heart Healer Harry 2012-05-12
Family in Hiding Watkins 2006-08-06
In Search of Santa King Calvin 2004-11-23
Bionicle: Mask of Light Toa Lewa, Turaga Onewa (voice) 2003-09-15
Barbie as Rapunzel Silversmith (voice) 2002-10-01
Inspector Gadget's Last Case Devon Debonair (voice) 2002-10-13
Reboot - Daemon Rising Welman Matrix 2001-10-19
The Guardian Ted 2000-04-06
Epicenter Jack Tors 2000-03-21
Shadow Warriors II: Assault on Death Mountain 1999-04-04
NASCAR Racers: The Movie Mike Hauger/ Duck Dunaka 1999-11-20
Silencing Mary Jefferson 1998-03-08
Convictions Larry 1997-11-10
Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball Chuck Ramsey 1997-03-30
Susie Q Roger Kovich 1996-09-30
My Breast Donal 1994-05-15
Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories Jake 1991-11-05
Cold Front Chaney 1990-06-09
The Penthouse Sharpshooter Steziak 1989-03-05
Watchers Bill Keeshan 1988-12-02
The Stepfather Frank 1987-01-22
Into Thin Air FBI Agent Drake 1985-10-29
Brotherly Love Bud Harris 1985-05-28
Mother Lode Gerrard Elliot 1982-08-06
Up River Keeler 1979-06-01