Image of Jeffrey Combs

Jeffrey Combs

1954-09-09 Oxnard, California, USA

Image of Jeffrey Combs


Jeffrey Alan Combs (born September 9, 1954) is an American actor known for his horror film roles and his appearances playing a number of characters in the Star Trek franchise. ​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Re-Resonator: Looking Back at From Beyond Self 2023-02-28
Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch Charles Siringo 2023-03-16
Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham Kirk Langstrom (voice) 2023-03-10
Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls Bartok the Great 2023-01-23
Enough Sleep Henry (voice) 2022-10-06
Psycho Re-Animated Herbert West 2021-01-20
Age of Stone and Sky: The Sorcerer Beast Far Seeing Crow 2021-04-02
Unbelievable!!!!! Male Larrisha 2020-08-01
In Search of Darkness: Part II Self 2020-10-06
Holiday Hell The Shopkeeper 2019-09-06
In Search of Darkness Self 2019-05-01
Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold The Question (voice) 2018-01-31
What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Himself 2018-10-12
Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness H.P. Lovecraft (voice) 2018-12-04
Howard Lovecraft & the Undersea Kingdom King Abdul (voice) 2017-09-23
Videozone: The Making of "Trancers II" Self 2016-01-01
Beethoven's Treasure Tail Fritz Bruchschnauser / Howard Belch 2014-10-02
Suburban Gothic Dr. Carpenter 2014-07-19
Favor Tad Harrison 2013-04-05
The Penny Dreadful Picture Show Brady 2013-10-08
Star Trek: Enterprise - Uncharted Territory Self 2013-08-20
Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising Ratchet (voice) 2013-10-04
Motivational Growth The Mold 2013-02-15
Night of the Living Dead: Re-Animation Harold Tovar 2012-10-16
Elf-Man Mickey 2012-11-15
Would You Rather Shepard Lambrick 2012-10-14
Dorothy And The Witches Of Oz Frank Baum 2012-02-17
American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James Ed Bass 2010-05-18
Urgency Sumner 2010-01-01
The United Monster Talent Agency Wolfman Cameraman 2010-09-27
Dark House Walston Rey 2009-04-19
The Dunwich Horror Wilbur Whateley 2009-12-13
Parasomnia Detective Garrett 2008-10-17
Stuck 911 Operator (voice) 2007-05-21
Brutal Sheriff Jimmy 2007-07-10
Return to House on Haunted Hill Dr. Vannacutt 2007-10-03
Re-Animator Resurrectus Himself 2007-01-01
The Wizard of Gore The Geek 2007-06-22
The Attackmen Mr. Simms 2007-05-04
The Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe 2007-01-19
Working with a Master: Stuart Gordon Himself 2006-03-28
Blackwater Valley Exorcism The Sheriff 2006-10-17
Abominable Buddy the Clerk 2006-04-10
Voodoo Moon Frank Taggert 2006-06-04
Satanic Detective Joyner 2006-12-17
Monsters Gone Wild 2005-01-01
Hammerhead Dr. Preston King 2005-06-18
All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos Sarah White 2005-01-22
Edmond Desk Clerk 2005-08-31
Tomb of Terror Dr. Haggis 2004-04-01
Star Trek's Favorite Moments Himself 2004-01-01
Beyond Re-Animator Dr. Herbert West 2003-04-04
FearDotCom Styles 2002-08-09
Contagion Brown 2002-05-15
The Attic Expeditions Dr. Ek 2001-03-30
Faust: Love of the Damned Lt. Dan Margolies 2000-11-01
House on Haunted Hill Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt 1999-10-29
The Making of 'The Frighteners' Himself 1998-11-24
Caught Up Security Guard 1998-02-27
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Mr. Brooks 1998-11-13
Spoiler Captain 1998-09-15
Snide and Prejudice Therapist Meissner 1997-05-11
Time Tracers Dr. Carrington 1997-12-16
Norma Jean & Marilyn Montgomery Clift 1996-05-18
Cyberstalker Andy Coberman 1996-10-22
The Frighteners Milton Dammers 1996-07-18
Dillinger and Capone Gilroy 1995-01-01
Videozone: The Making of "Castle Freak" Self 1995-01-01
Castle Freak John Reilly 1995-11-14
Felony Bill Knight 1994-10-19
Lurking Fear Dr. Haggis 1994-07-27
Aliens: Ride at the Speed of Fright Hyer 1994-01-01
Love and a .45 Dinosaur Bob 1994-11-23
Necronomicon H.P. Lovecraft 1993-11-01
Doctor Mordrid Dr. Mordrid 1992-11-02
Fortress D-Day, the Computer Geek 1992-09-30
Death Falls Lonnie Hawks 1991-01-01
The Guyver Dr. East 1991-03-18
The Pit and the Pendulum Francisco 1991-06-27
Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth Dr. Pyle 1991-08-22
Bride of Re-Animator Dr. Herbert West 1990-09-01
Gorgon Video Magazine Vol. 2 Himself 1990-04-15
Robot Jox 1st Prole 1989-10-01
Dead Man Walking Chaz 1988-09-15
The Evil Clergyman Jonathan 1988-08-11
Pulse Pounders Jonathan (Evil Clergyman sequence) 1988-01-01
Cellar Dweller Colin Childress 1988-09-20
The Phantom Empire Andrew Paris 1987-10-01
Cyclone Rick Davenport 1987-06-05
From Beyond Crawford Tillinghast 1986-10-24
Re-Animator Herbert West 1985-10-18
The Man with Two Brains Dr. Jones 1983-06-10
The Skin of Our Teeth Henry Antrobus 1983-01-18
Frightmare Stu 1981-09-09
Whose Life Is It Anyway? 1st Year Intern 1981-12-02
Stream Mr. Lockwood
Star Trek: Enterprise In Conversation - The First Crew
Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland: The Saga of Empire Pictures Himself