Image of Robert Alan Browne

Robert Alan Browne


Image of Robert Alan Browne



From the Files of Joseph Wambaugh: A Jury of One Capt. Chester 1992-11-29
Amityville: The Evil Escapes Donald McTear 1989-05-12
J. Edgar Hoover Gaston Means 1987-01-11
Psycho III Ralph Statler 1986-04-02
Psycho II Ralph Statler 1983-06-03
Honeyboy Frank Ingalls 1982-10-17
Hysterical New York Press Man 1982-12-22
Missing Children: A Mother's Story Mr. Lester 1982-12-01
Seed of Innocence Dale McClure 1980-10-01
The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackals Bob 1969-01-01
Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster Martian Crewmember (uncredited) 1965-09-22