Image of Paul Dawkins

Paul Dawkins

1918-12-05 England, UK

Image of Paul Dawkins



Brassneck 1975-05-22
Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall Promoter 1973-06-12
O Lucky Man! Plantation Judge/Meth Drinker/Man at Stag Party 1973-03-25
Universal Soldier Chairman 1972-05-01
Dad's Army Nazi General 1971-03-12
Killing Time 1970-11-10
Inspector Clouseau Customs Officer 1968-07-19
Work Is a 4-Letter Word Powerplant Guard 1968-09-15
Hot Millions Pritchard 1968-09-19
Far from the Madding Crowd Henery Fray 1967-01-01