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Bill Sage

1962-04-03 New York City, New York, USA

Image of Bill Sage


William Sage III (born April 3, 1962) is an American actor and alumnus of State University of New York at Purchase. He is known for his collaborations with director Hal Hartley. Sage has appeared in more than 80 movies, most notable American Psycho (2000), We Are What We Are (2013), Every Secret Thing (2014), and Wrong Turn (2021). On television, he appeared on Nurse Jackie, Hap and Leonard and Power.


Edward Edward 2024-05-12
Hayseed Leo Hobbins 2023-04-17
Wrong Turn John Venable 2021-01-26
Payback Randy 2021-02-05
The Dinner Party Carmine Braun 2020-05-29
The Pale Door Dodd 2020-08-21
The Catch Tom McManus 2020-10-22
The Wave Jonas 2019-09-21
After Everything Paul 2018-10-12
Delinquent 2018-04-19
The Big Take Jack Girardi 2018-09-04
The Price John Kocher 2017-11-10
The Archer Bob Patrice 2017-03-11
Ascent to Hell Mr. Browning 2017-03-16
AWOL Roy 2017-05-19
All Summers End Mr. Turner 2017-02-06
The Preppie Connection Mike Hammel 2016-03-18
Delinquent Rich 2016-07-05
Fender Bender The Driver 2016-05-23
Welcome to Willits Brock 2016-11-11
Fan Girl 2015-12-31
The Boy Sheriff Deacon Whit 2015-08-14
Surviving Family Jerry Malone 2014-08-15
The Blackout Frank 2014-10-30
Every Secret Thing Dave Fuller 2014-04-20
Cold in July Baseball Announcer (voice) 2014-05-23
Born to Race: Fast Track Frank 2014-03-20
The Legend of the Flying Tomato Taco Salesman / El Pirana 2014-07-29
Shockwave Darkside Dalton 2014-08-22
Ned Rifle Bud 2014-09-07
We Are What We Are Frank Parker 2013-09-27
Blumenthal Interviewer 2013-08-03
Bad Parents Dan 2012-10-18
Electrick Children Tim 2012-07-11
The Green Leo 2011-11-22
Sweet Little Lies Roach 2011-06-04
The Scientist Dr. Marcus Ryan 2010-04-16
Boy Wonder Terry Donovan 2010-08-11
Handsome Harry Pauley 2009-04-25
Precious Mr. Wicher 2009-11-06
The New Twenty Robert Cameron 2009-01-01
Off Season Man 2009-11-17
Tennessee Roy 2008-04-26
One Night Larry 2007-01-01
If I Didn't Care Davis Meyers 2007-08-03
The Handyman Caleb Tucker 2006-11-25
Heavens Fall Thomas Knight, Jr. 2006-07-20
Mysterious Skin Coach 2005-03-30
Shooting Vegetarians Prosecutor 2005-02-08
The Girl from Monday Jack 2005-01-26
Sin Cal Brody 2003-01-01
The Maldonado Miracle Lyle 2003-01-20
EvenHand Officer Ted Morning 2002-11-14
Stray Dogs Myers Carter 2002-06-03
Desert Saints Agent Davis 2002-03-10
My Best Friend's Wife Chuck 2001-12-12
On the Borderline Dean 2001-10-23
Glitter 2001-09-21
The Atlantis Conspiracy Jon 2001-01-01
No Such Thing Carlo 2001-05-12
Urbania Chuck 2000-01-24
Double Parked Karl Severson 2000-01-26
Boiler Room FBI Agent David Drew 2000-02-18
American Psycho David Van Patten 2000-04-13
The Insider Intense Young Intern 1999-10-28
Roberta Philip 1999-01-22
Remembering Sex Matt Devlin 1998-09-17
Somewhere in the City Justin 1998-06-11
Too Tired to Die White Soldier 1998-01-20
High Art Arnie 1998-06-12
Cost of Living Converse 1997-10-31
If Lucy Fell Dick 1996-03-08
Boys Officer Bill Martone 1996-05-10
I Shot Andy Warhol Tom Baker 1996-05-01
The Perez Family Steve Steverino 1995-05-12
Affair Play Mickey Davis 1995-05-24
Flirt Bill 1995-09-14
Babylon: la paura è la migliore amica dell'uomo Charles Forrester 1994-08-01
Rift Tom 1993-01-20
Flirt Bill 1993-09-11
Ambition 1992-01-31
Laws of Gravity Guy's Pal 1992-03-21
Simple Men Dennis McCabe 1992-10-14
Theory of Achievement 1991-03-07
The Unbelievable Truth Gus 1990-07-20
Trust John Bill 1990-09-09
Sidewalk Stories Carriage Couple 1989-09-15